System design


Nsecure offers high-end, system-independent security systems. We have in-depth knowledge of the market and the available products. We are specialised in creating or finding out which system is most compatible with your security policy. We make sure that all systems, e.g. access control systems, camera surveillance and intercoms, are optimally coordinated and that they support your business processes. 

"No two organisations are the same – and neither are their security policies."

Our system design services include both hardware installation and software configuration:

  • Hardware - e.g. access control systems, intrusion systems, intercom systems and biometric systems

  • Software - all systems in one security management enviroment

The implementation of a system design makes a system tangible.

Nsecure uses an unambigiuous project methodology based on PRINCEII for the implementation of its solutions. This approach consists of three phases that always include an action plan, an assessment of the impact on the work floor and training for its users, as well as drawing up the reporting structures and/or escalation models.


IT infrastructure

Nsecure ensures the availability, continuity and security of your IT infrastructure. Our services are offered from an ISO 27001 (the standard for information security) certified data center. Your system is always up-to-date, safe and complies with laws and regulations, for example in the field of privacy.


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