Hardware installation for access control and security

Nsecure offers the following modules for the installation of access control and security system hardware:


Access control

Nsecure’s access control systems are powerful, easy to use and based on intelligent network technology. An access control system implemented by Nsecure, always incorporates state-of-the-art IT innovations. We therefore offer reliable solutions for your security needs and people flows and we support your business processes – today and tomorrow.

Biometrie toegang oplossing

Biometric solutions

Biometric data consists of a person’s non-transferrable unique properties, such as an iris scan, facial recognition or a fingerprint. This is extremely sensitive data that can be used to determine a person’s identity. Consequently, organisations must treat this information with the utmost care and attention. 



False alarms are a major concern for organisations and emergency services. With a carefully balanced projection of intrusion detection, Nsecure is able to provide on-site or remote alert verification. This prevents unnecessary deployment of emergency services and therefore reduces the costs of an organisation’s security services.



Intercom systems are very advanced these days. Nsecure offers top-of-the-line intercom products. Quality is paramount in our choice of which products to offer. In addition to a system’s durability, reliable availability and sound quality are also key factors.


Camera surveillance

As the intelligence of the central environment (SMS) increases, so does the ubiquity of camera surveillance. Smart technologies are able to recognise undesirable activities or movements and provide observers with effective assistance. You can choose to manage your own camera surveillance or to have Nsecure do it for you. We host our camera surveillance services in the Nsecure Observation Room in Barendrecht, which allows us to operate in a highly efficient and effective manner with minimal manpower.



Buildings are utilised in many different ways, but for all buildings, the following rule applies: not everyone is allowed inside or allowed to access the same areas. Electronic lock systems offer reliability and security.



Barriers are entrance solutions for both interior and exterior use. The entrance marks the first point of contact with a building. This is where the various people flows coming in are ‘channelled’. We offer a range of options in terms of entrance solutions. Barriers also enable you to determine a person’s identity and guarantee that only people with the right authorisation are granted access to secure areas. Parking management solutions are also grouped under barriers. They enable persons and vehicles to enter parking sites in a quick and secure manner.  


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Life cycle management voor security

De keuze voor het type hardware is mede van invloed op het behalen van duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen. Met geïntegreerde, merkonafhankelijke platforms die compatibel zijn met de meest gangbare systemen, wordt de levensduur van hardware op eenvoudige wijze verlengd. Met de komst van één nieuw onderdeel is het niet nodig om het hele systeem direct te vervangen. Hierdoor verminderen we de hoeveelheid apparatuur die voortijdig wordt afgeschreven.

Nsecure past daar waar overeengekomen voor haar opdrachtgevers Life cycle management toe met als doel dat de hardware te allen tijde zal voldoen aan een vooraf afgestemde conditie (NEN-2767). Er wordt continue gestuurd op levensduurverlenging met behoud van compatibiliteit, functie, beschikbaarheid en betrouwbaarheid.



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