Nsecure offers more than just access control. We quarantee the continuity of your business processes and enable your employees to do their work efficiently.

Like a director passionately watches the drama on stage, we do so with our work environment; no detail goes unnoticed. It is important that the performance of your services and the services we provide you with are always optimal. We ensure this with our service & process monitoring, contract management, incident management and management services.



Service & proces monitoring

Your processes are brought together in a single (online) security and management platform, providing you with 24/7 insight into your processes, usage, and any malfunctions that may occur. Nsecure continuously measures the performance of your business processes, employees and the on-site access provision to gain insight into usage. Technical issues are detected in real time by our Service Desk and resolved remotely if possible.

By translating monitoring data into standardised reports, we are able to gather information about the technology found at your location(s) and the associated use. We use this information to perform preventative maintenance if and when necessary.



Contract management

Nsecure takes responsibility for the desired end result. We do not simply deliver a piece of technology; instead, we aim to provide a long-term licence to operate. That is why we draw up clear KPI’s with all new clients, so that they know at all times whether we are on the right track and will be realising our shared objectives.

Technical and application management, functional management, incident management and service & process monitoring can all be incorporated into a performance agreement. This ensures that your security systems always perform optimally. The smart software in these systems provide constant feedback regarding their status, meaning that the maintenance requirement is determined based on the actual status of the system, not an arbitrary maintenance interval or an SLA.



Incident management

Clients can contact Nsecure’s helpdesk 24/7 to report technical and/or functional issues. The helpdesk staff will then ensure that the relevant issues are resolved in accordance with the agreed-upon response and repair times.


Management services

Technical management
Nsecure is responsible for guaranteeing the availability, security and continuity of the servers that are needed for the operation of the access control and/or security management system. The required servers are housed in an external data centre, while Nsecure is able to access them for the purposes of event monitoring, analysis and management via a secure data communication connection.

Application management
Nsecure is responsible for safeguarding the availability, security and continuity of the access control and/or security management system’s application software. Application management consists of maintaining, updating and programming application software.

Functional management
Nsecure is responsible for safeguarding the functionality of the access control system. This includes management of authorisations, people, access and templates. These activities are mostly conducted remotely and in close collaboration with the client.

Nsecure offers many solutions pertaining to the security and accessibility of organisations, linked to the continuity of business processes.


Summary of our Performance & Maintenance services:

  • 24/7 insight into business processes, usage and malfunctions
  • Clear KPI’s
  • Smart software optimises maintenance
  • Management services for optimal functionality

Incidentmanagement: how does Nsecure handle it?

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