Workflow & Identity Management ensures seamless integration of access control and security into all business processes.

Increasingly extensive digitisation makes it possible to use Nsecure’s workflow software to create a complete and up-to-date overview of the prerequisites for demonstrably controlled access management. With this overview, access processes can be improved significantly, which leads to optimal risk management and increased security. That, in turn, helps safeguard the continuity of your business processes.

In short:

  • Nsecure’s workflow software offers a complete and up-to-date overview of the prerequisites of demonstrably controlled access management;
  • Optimal risk management and increased security;
  • This ensures the continuity of business processes.

Identity & Access Management | Dataclient

Nsecure offers a range of services pertaining to workflow & identity management, which are all combined in Dataclient. Dataclient helps organisations to streamline and control people’s access to buildings and sites.


YIM - Your Identity Management 

We believe that access and security has to be an integral element of all operational processes. YIM is an access & identity solution that enables organisations to digitalise their access management processes. This ensures the swift exchange of information between contractors, visitors and supervisors regarding the preconditions that have to be met to obtain access to a building or site.




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