Security as a Service (SECaaS)


Nsecure is a specialist and market leader in the field of access and security. We provide high end access and security solutions for organizations and locations where many people come together. For Nsecure, 'the art of control' means passion for technique and a bright scope towards the future. We look at hospitality, safety, compliance, continuity and business operations as a whole, where innovation never stops. Based on that vision, we therefore developed "Security as a Service": a unique service that ensures safety and control.

Nsecure's services consist of five elements:


As a result of technological developments, new regulations and organisational growth, a company’s needs regarding access control and security can change rapidly. Nsecure has built its name by offering full-range solutions that always incorporate the latest developments. Our approach optimises the efficiency, security and sustainability of your vital business processes.

Nsecure strives to collaborate closely and think along with its clients. We view security, risk management and the continuity of an organisation as a unified whole. We therefore offer access control and security services in the form of a streamlined, secure and accessible process.


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