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Workflow & Identity

Dataclient - Working in an efficient and controlled manner with workflow automation

Dataclient is a workflow software suite created by Nsecure that enables organisations to digitalise their access management processes. This ensures the swift exchange of information between contractors, visitors and supervisors regarding the preconditions that have to be met to obtain access to a building or site. All sorts of details about people are stored in digital files so that they are available at a moment’s notice when required.


Focus on various themes with Dataclient

Dataclient is offered as a service from an ISO27001-certified data centre. This means that clients do not need to purchase and manage their own software or underlying infrastructure. Our workflow software has been earning its stripes within various large-scale organisations in the Netherlands and abroad for several years now. Our service is designed to ensure optimisation of the following themes at all possible types of sites:

  • Safety & Quality – Ensuring that only properly qualified individuals are able to obtain access to the building or grounds and/or are deployed to execute a specific task or fulfil a particular position
  • Security – Ensuring that people and vehicles that access a site are always checked and enter quickly, safely, and in accordance with all applicable legislation and regulations
  • Legal – Automatically and demonstrably complying with the applicable legislation and regulations regarding migrant workers, fiscal matters, social security and illegality
  • Efficiency – No long waiting periods, no complicated procedures, low costs and a focus on your company’s core activities
  • Hospitality – Ensuring hospitality by managing the entire process involved in hosting visitors at your site (managing appointments, parking, facilities and departure)

The functionality of Dataclient in brief: 

  • Streamlines and automates access processes;
  • No complicated access procedures, time-consuming reports or long waiting periods to obtain access and start working;
  • Centralised storage of digital personnel files containing all relevant data, documents and certificates regarding a company or person;
  • Data stored and processed at a certified data centre.


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