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Project & System integration


Nsecure offers hosting services pertaining to security automation. Many people have their doubts about outsourcing such an essential aspect as security, which is exactly why we devote so much time and attention to the quality of our hosting environment and information security.

Every year, we are audited by an external party. The wealth of knowledge we have amassed as a result, has earned us the trust of many major organisations with complex locations. We do everything we possibly can to honour that trust.

Optimal choice

Nsecure offers many solutions pertaining to the security and accessibility of organisations, linked to the continuity of business processes. We do so with a wide range of physical measures at and around a building or site, including the monitoring and operating thereof. We also have the option of using a system that will control your own security-related hard- and software.

In terms of both costs and efficiency, there is a lot to be gained by making the optimal choice for your specific organisation regarding the location and monitoring of your systems.


Outsourcing your hosting means that you get all the benefits without any of the operational burdens. You maintain control over your organisation’s entire security automation, while Nsecure makes sure that the systems are operational 24/7. After all, uptime is of the utmost importance.


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