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Observation & Control

Nsecure provides 24/7 monitoring services with extensive remote-control options.

When someone visits an organisation anywhere in the Netherlands and uses the intercom, they expect someone inside the building to respond to them and open the gate. However, in a lot of cases, they are actually talking to the Nsecure Observation Room.

Smart technology
Traditional security systems are needlessly expensive. These days, there are much better alternatives to many commonly used systems. Nsecure offers monitoring & control services that utilise the latest technologies, making them both more effective and less expensive.

We offer a wide range of (control) services remotely from the Nsecure Observation Room. From this central location, we handle access authorisation and camera surveillance. Our surveillance services are supported by smart technology. We conduct 24/7 client-specific monitoring and follow-up of alerts. We also keep the IT environments of client locations secure outside standard office hours. Whereas traditional security solutions require constant management, Nsecure uses smart systems to take action without immediately incurring more costs.



  • Tijdens of buiten kantoortijden alarmeringen opvolgen;
  • Afhandelen van intercom oproepen;
  • Remote openen en afsluiten van locatie(s);
  • Overnemen of ondersteunen van receptiediensten.


  • Beoordelen alarmen van inbraak, brand of technische storingen (buiten kantoortijden);
  • Real-time inzicht vanuit uw video- of securitymanagementsysteem;
  • Inschakelen, aansturen en begeleiden mobiele surveillance;
  • Virtuele openingsronde of surveillanceronde (guardtour);
  • Onmiddelijke ondersteuning bij opschaling van het beveiligingsniveau. 


  • Oproep en begeleiding van BHV diensten;
  • Coördineren van incidenten;
  • Ondersteuning tijdens ontruimingen;
  • Remote ondersteuning van hulpdiensten tijdens calamiteiten.

Summary of our Observation & Control services

  • 24/7 client-specific monitoring and alert follow-up.

  • 24/7 security for client locations’ IT environments.

  • One centralised location for access authorisation and camera surveillance.

  • Smart technology is used to support our surveillance services.

  • New technologies are both more effective and less expensive.

How does the Nsecure Observation Room work?


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