Access control and security solutions for oil & gas, energy, pharmaceuticals and industrial environments

The safety and security challenges in the industrial sector are universal. Throughout a factory or plant, activities take place that demand the highest security level, both for the employees and contractors concerned and for the continuity of the operation.

Properly trained employees, manageable production processes and watertight emergency plans can make a major contribution to this. However, in the event of an emergency, real time information is crucially important. Who is where and what is the situation? How can you supply the relevant people with the right information as rapidly as possible? Seamlessly integrated hardware and software that work (together) make an important contribution to a safe and secure working environment.

Nsecure reduces the role of people to the most essential tasks. The system detects abnormalities, alerts the relevant people and agencies and ensures that subsystems communicate with one another. Employees with responsibility for safety can fully concentrate on giving first aid etc. 

Nsecure has extensive expertise with numerous plants and sites, large and small, standard and extremely complex. In addition, as Nsecure has been active in the industrial sector for many years, we have developed our own innovative solutions to respond to new demands in the field of security, compliance and safety.

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Om voorop te blijven lopen op het gebied van veiligheid is het Safety Center, in nauwe samenwerking met Nsecure, helemaal aangepast aan deze tijd. In het Safety Center vinden alle veiligheidstrainingen plaats die vereist zijn voor Shell medewerkers én contractors. Met nieuwe leermethodes en meer realistische omgeving in het Experience center.

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