Cerfitications and corporate social responsibility

Nsecure supports corporate social responsibility (CSR) and accepts her associated responsibilities in safety and quality.

Quality and safety

Nsecure has obtained the following certifications:

ISOIEC 27001 - CERTIFIED-positive-CMYK

ISO 27001

  • services
  • customer satisfaction
  • optimisation of business processes

ISO 9001

  • service
  • customer satisfaction
  • optimisation of business processes

VCA** safety

  • accident prevention

BORG certificering

  • Kwaliteitseisen voor inbraakbeveiliging


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Corporate social responsibility

Nsecure supports corporate social responsibility (CSR) and accepts her associated responsibilities. Nsecure strives to strike the right balance between people, planet and profit, both internally and externally.

To Nsecure, CSR means investing in our business activities. It is in our very DNA to continuously analyse if and how the use of smart technology might be able to contribute to the efficiency and efficacy of processes in a way that benefits the environment. Nsecure does this for both its own and its clients’ organisations.


Our performance regarding sustainability can be viewed on the FIRA platform. This is a platform used by businesses to develop their sustainability strategy and provide insight into their results and plans for the future. The platform is closely aligned with national and international standards of sustainable development.

With its participation in the FIRA platform, Nsecure strives to optimise the sustainability of its business operations. The bronze level, which is about commitment to sustainability, provides insight into our achievements: from obtained certifications to best practices. On this level, we do not only show what we have already realised, but also how we continue to improve our sustainability.

EcoVadis Silver Rating

This year, Nsecure also received a Silver Rating with a score of 61/100. EcoVadis audits corporations in terms of their CSR and awards them a Supplier Sustainability Rating. Four key areas are taken into account: environment, fair labour practices, fair business practices and supply chain. The methodology is based on several international CSR standards.


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