Responsible office occupation during COVID-19

November 02 2020
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Responsible office occupation thanks to pre-registration

Want to understand the occupation levels at your locations? The “socially distance society”, lockdown procedures and working from home necessitate new ways of working. Since the corona crisis, there has been enormous increase in the demand for responsible and safe building management. This will affect your organisation in both the short and long term. For the time being, full occupation of office locations as we once knew it will not be possible. How can you maintain an effective overview of the number of people in your office? How can you deal efficiently with the relaxation or tightening of restrictions? Are you still in control?

Optimal, safe working during COVID-19 and beyond

With our pre-registration solution, Nsecure makes it possible to remain fully in control in these exceptional circumstances – and beyond. Via a registration module, both employees and visitors can register in advance. This not only provides an overview of the current occupation level, but also allows you to guarantee that the maximum number of persons per location is not exceeded and that unsafe situations do not arise.

Pre-registration for safe working on location

Your employees, visitors and contractors can easily register in advance and will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The maximum available number of (work)places can be viewed per day or per period, based on predetermined parameters for each location or department.

This allows you to offer hospitality and optimal safety in a 1.5 m economy – and beyond – as guidelines are relaxed or tightened.

Real-time dashboard for safe building occupation

For (facilities) managers, it is possible to set parameters in advance for each department, location or space to guarantee safe occupation levels. This allows you to respond rapidly to tightened or relaxed restrictions. Thanks to the reporting features, you have a real-time overview of occupation levels and availability per day, week or for a specific period.


  • Supports you in complying with RIVM regulations and associated restrictions
  • Online registration module for employees, visitors and contractors to reserve days in advance
  • Makes the maximum number of workspaces manageable with defined parameters for each department or location
  • Insight into the availability and occupation level per day via statuses
  • Offered as part of our Dataclient solution

Discover what we can do for you

Need more information about security and access control in a 1.5 m economy, reporting and registration for visitors, employees or contractors? Our specialists are ready to answer your questions. Write to us at for more information about what we can do for you, or contact your contact person at Nsecure.

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