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About us

For Nsecure, 'The art of control' means passion for the profession and a vision for the future. We see the relationship between hospitality, safety, compliance, continuity and business operations as a continuously evolving piece of art. Like a painter who cannot misplace a brushstroke, as two dancers who are not allowed to dance out of time and as a sculptor who always frees the perfect contours from his piece of stone: this is how Nsecure approaches access and security. We like to exceed expectations and pay attention to the smallest detail.

Nsecure is a specialist and market leader in the field of access and security. We take care of the complete access and security policy for organizations and locations where many people come together. Access control and security should be a masterpiece and remain together under any circumstances. 

Integrated platforms
Whether it is an office environment, an industrial complex, a hospital or an outdoor location, our integrated platforms ensure that people not only 'enter' efficiently, but also that the applicable laws and regulations are complied with.

As a result, you immediately know whether someone is allowed to be somewhere, if they can do certain work and if all the risks have been covered. Thanks to the digital reporting options, you are also informed about everything with a push of a button. In short, you are completely 'in control'.

Realization of total solutions for access and security
Are you curious about what Nsecure can do for your organization? On this website you can read more about our various services that are part of our solutions.

You are always welcome to visit us at our office in Barendrecht, where our specialists are ready to answer any questions you have about access control and security.

Our services consist of:

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